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Jenny Knight

Arts and Business Tutor, Drama Centre London.
Central Saint Martins
Jenny  Knight


I am a consultant with over 25 years experience gained through a variety of different organisations. My PhD study was in the field of leadership and organisational psychology, entitled ‘The Persistence of Group Helplessness in the Workplace’.

I have a background in acting, directing and writing for theatre and successfully incorporate this knowledge and experience into my work as an organisational development consultant.

I work with a variety of organisations in both the public and private sectors, nationally and internationally, and lecture for both Sussex and Brighton Universities, as well as providing input on the Arts and Business Element of the MA Screen course.

What I teach

My work for Drama Centre London is designed to develop the student’s awareness of self and of group dynamics. An understanding of personal strengths and weaknesses when working with others is a fundamental requirement to ensure effectiveness in the acting/directing/writing profession.

We study team working, interpersonal and communication skills, and self development as part of preparing students for their chosen career.

Students are given time to reflect on their own behaviours; to work in small development groups to support and encourage each other and to take advantage of one-to-one coaching to overcome any personal barriers to effectiveness.

Classes are informal but are designed to highlight and change any behaviours and attitudes which may negatively impact on professionalism.


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