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Caroline Broadhead

Programme Leader and Course Leader, BA Jewellery Design.
Central Saint Martins
Caroline  Broadhead


Caroline started her career in jewellery. Over more than forty years, her work has evolved across the fields of the fine and applied arts, to create jewellery, textiles, furniture, three dimensional objects and drawings, and regular collaborations with choreographers producing installations for live performance.

She was awarded the Jerwood Prize for Applied Arts: Textiles in 1997 and was winner of the Textiles International Open in 2004. Her work is included in numerous public collections internationally.

A number of works have been made in historic buildings, such as the promenade performance, The Waiting Game, made with Angela Woodhouse, in Upnor Castle, Kent, 1997 and installations, Breathing space, York St Mary’s, 2005 and recently, Above Below in Bath Abbey, 2011. These works referenced and responded to the histories and circumstances of their surroundings.

In a journey outwards from the body, Caroline's work has evolved starting with the most personal of design objects – jewellery - making pieces to be worn next to the body, to be handled and changed by the handling. This gradually led to using clothing that followed or deviated from the human form, which were changed by handling and which acted as metaphor for a person. Later work explored outer extents of the body as seen through light, shadows and reflections. She is concerned with the boundaries of an individual; between inside and outside, public and private, this includes a sense of territory and personal space, presence and absence and the creation of a balance between substance and image.

Collaborations with choreographers in 1990 allowed her to explore her interest in the way objects inspire gestures in a more dynamic way, integrating design and movement in dance performances. Using space and boundaries between people, we develop atmospheres that elicit subjective, emotional responses.

Her continued interest in jewellery has led her to curate two shows about current practice: New Tradition, 1984, at the, then, British Crafts Centre, London and Then and Now, 2007, Marsden Woo Gallery, London.


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