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Dr Carolina Ramirez-Figueroa

Architect, Associate Lecturer in Interdisciplinary Studios, MA Biodesign
Central Saint Martins
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Carolina  Ramirez-Figueroa


I am an architect, designer and researcher born and bred in Mexico City and now based in London. My research focuses on the intersection of design and living systems. I am a Senior Lecturer on MA Information Experience Design (IED) at The Royal College of Art and Associate Lecturer in Interdisciplinary Studios on the MA in Biodesign at University of the Arts London.

Prior to joining IED, I led the Design Futures pathway on the Design Products programme (RCA), which looked at imagining and delivering possible futures to challenge and provoke discourses of future technological, social, cultural, political, economic and environmental issues. I have also taught at the Research Cluster in Biospatial Design at the Bartlett School of Architecture, which investigates the potential for biologically augmented architecture and materials that contributes to sustainable, resilient and healthy cities. I have also worked at the School of Architecture at Newcastle University, where I co-tutored the Experimental Architecture studio and ran design briefs around Interaction Design, Programming for Design and Design for Living Technologies.

My research explores the challenges and opportunities found when living systems are understood as a form of matter for design. I am interested in understanding the cultures, practices, tools and economies of working and designing with living systems. My PhD thesis, Bio-material probes: design engagements with living systems, proposes a creative exploration methodology based on direct engagements which helps to articulate a sense of ethics and care across species.

I have collaborated with a number of artists, designers and scientists. I have exhibited and participated in different art and design venues around the world including Helsinki, Edinburgh, Brussels, Montreal, Taipei and Tokyo and, more recently, at the Barbican Centre in London as part of the exhibition Biological Buildings and at the Festival of the Mind in Sheffield.