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Central Saint Martins

Bek Wa Goro

Central Saint Martins Birkbeck MBA Student
Central Saint Martins
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Bek  Wa Goro


“There is so much of life that is performance. We are constantly looking for new ways in which to express ourselves, to tell our stories, whether imagined or real and communicate them with others. In my personal and professional experience this has manifested as a desire to write narratives and to construct worlds which are similar to our own - fictionalised reflections. I am fascinated by the idea that as humans, we are capable of creating somethingness out of seeming nothingness. This is why I love to write.”

I am a prize-winning writer who has worked creatively in the arts for over ten years, including as an actor for the BBC, and on projects at some of Britain’s leading theatres. Examples include performances at The Bloomsbury Theatre, The Soho Theatre, The Hackney Empire, The Young Vic Theatre and The Lowry Theatre in Manchester. My passion is reflected in my academic work, where I graduated with a first-class Honours degree in Film and Television from the University of the Arts London and have now specialised in screenwriting and producing. I have a deep interest in the sociological and philosophical nuances of characters and this is reflected in my own work, where blurred lines of truth remain key. I have written several short films and plays which have led to a wide exposure, including being commissioned to write a highly acclaimed full-length play which concluded in a three week run. I also won a prize for screenwriting in 2019.

My work across the spectrum of film, broadcast and theatre in my capacity as a writer, producer and director has included working alongside leading and award-winning producers. Cutting edge projects include a film partnership with Africa Utopia at the South Bank Centre for Ovenbird Films and serving as the producer of a speculative ad campaign for a competition organised by Adcan. I also directed 'A Future Less Homeless', a campaign produced for the charity Crisis as part of my MBA. Other commercial work includes projects with Perkbox. In my career, I have engaged in film and media partnerships with major institutions such as The British Library and The Royal African Society, though consultancies with ESAACH and Sidensi, supported by Birkbeck College, AFFORD and IKM Emergent, a Dutch funded research programme where I led on media, and production.

Prior to embarking on a professional career as a writer and producer, I worked in the private sector, gaining valuable world-class experience with a leading global institution - RELX Group (formerly Reed Elsevier), a constituent FTSE 100 Index media company, working in business-to-business magazine publishing, where I was responsible for delivering advertising solutions for clients.

Specialist areas

  • Writing
  • Production