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Central Saint Martins

Angus Main

Physical Computing Technician
Central Saint Martins
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Angus  Main


Tell us about yourself…

My background is in digital media generally. I studied Digital Interactive Media Production at Bournemouth University and then went to work in e-learning as a developer. Then after five years I wanted a change and went to do the Information Environments MRes at London College of Communication and that opened up to me this world of physical computing and doing exciting things with interactivity in spaces and objects – interactivity away from the screen.

I was then drafted in to help set-up the new Physical Computing lab at King’s Cross during the Central Saint Martins move to Granary Square and I’ve been here since.

What do you love most about your job?

I really like working with students! It was was something I hadn’t done before and I didn’t really have an impression of how it would be, but I find it really engaging when students come in really excited by an idea and they need help to bring it to life. I love sitting down and saying ‘yes, this is all possible’ and working with them to help bring that idea to life.

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

There’s lots of people working in the ‘maker’ space – especially in London. It’s a whole movement of people who have realised you can make things, quite sophisticated things, without having to be a computer scientist. Everyday people can now build prototypes and electronics really easily.

What advice would you give to new and/or current students?

Not to worry so much about the nitty gritty of technical stuff, or how you’re going to get stuff done. There are lots of ways to get things done – there are so many tools, components and tutorials around help you. It’s important to keep your mind free when you’re coming up with the initial idea, be as creative as you can, as it’s nearly always possible!


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