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Rupert Whale with his winning piece - Codex Campari
Rupert Whale with his winning piece - Codex Campari

To celebrate the centenary of the Negroni, Campari commissioned graduates of Central Saint Martins Art Programme to create artworks inspired by the iconic cocktail.

The Campari Creates N100 Exhibition was fittingly displayed in London’s Modern Italian Art Gallery, the Estorick Collection and featured the work of four emerging artists, each graduates of MA Fine Art, who interpreted the brief in their distinctive styles.

The winning piece by Rupert Whale will go on tour as part of the ‘Art of Negroni’ exhibition at the Galleria Campari in Milan before entering the company’s permanent archive.

“The Campari brief was a wonderful opportunity to have the freedom to push ideas and their making to their limits...a huge incentive to me both personally and professionally.”

Rupert Whale, winner and MA Fine Art graduate