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Imogen Burch - Creating Clarity

Imogen Burch, BA Jewellery winner, discusses the inspiration for her designs and tells us why this project inspired her to write a poem about climate change.

"The purpose of these rings is to shine a light on, and magnify, issues of climate change."

These rings are intended as tools for discussion. They are designed to shine a light on, and magnify, the issues of climate change. Upcycled Swarovski crystals are engraved with words provoking ideas around the conservation of our natural world and the current climate crisis.

Close up of engraved Swarovski crystals used in Imogen Burgh's rings
Creating Clarity, Imogen Burch (BA Jewellery) Photo: Mael Henaff

"I endeavour to create pieces of jewellery that will be passed down through generations modified and updated through time."

The geometric experimental setting is inspired by architecture, mirrors and light refraction. I endeavour to create pieces of jewellery that will be passed down through generations, modified and updated through time. The component that will stay permanent is the crystal, and its message. A discreet word or phrase engraved onto the crystal allows the wearer to connect with their own personal reaffirming commitment to sustainability. These Swarovski crystals promote and encourage a sense of responsibility for the natural world.

A jeweller's loupe may be used to focus the eye and the mind, creating clarity and a commitment to the future. Upon closer inspection, Truth and Clarity.


Dear climate,

Crystal clear our rivers streamed,
Full of life, the ocean teemed
With diversity,
but now all washed away,
There is little life left here today.

The waves still lap against the shore,
Sheets of plastic we never called for,
These days they bring unwanted threats,
Carried for miles on our regrets.

Vast and lush, bright Tropic lands,
Give shelter to our flora,
Trash littered, strewn, across our sands,
wildlife's broken aura.

We've been blinkered, blinded by our own greed,
From the realities of our future,
Now Mother lies in desperate need,
Of protection from her abuser.

Upon closer inspection you've been calling for protection,
Its only now we realise that the damage is done,
We've drained your resources,
Underestimated your forces,
Now we've gained clarity,
It's time to change our mentality.
Focus the gaze,
And face our reality.

poem by Imogen Burch