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Student Views: Summer Study Abroad

Victoria Ballard, Fashion Design

Fashion Design at Central Saint Martins was everything I expected and everything I didn't expect. Having Heather, Stephanie, and Alexis as tutors opened my thinking creatively from 'what already is' to 'what could be.'

Meeting students from all over the world who are passionate and willing to step outside their comfort zone is inspiring. There is an instant bond, in that, we are all in it together. All of the work I created while at Central Saint Martins has been my best and most important work in my studies so far. I've learned that process is key and anything is possible.

Texas Woman's University, USA

Paulina Isassi, Architecture

Visiting the sites was the best way to learn about London's architecture! The class was so interactive that it made all the classmates and teachers get to know each other, to the point of becoming friends. I’m hoping to come back to UAL as I had such an amazing experience.

Universidad de Monterrey, Mexico

Tong Zhou, Advanced Fashion Design

The Advanced Fashion programme is fantastic! From research to final garment, every step is inspiring and mind-blowing.

Parsons School of Design, USA

Tong Xia, Textile Design

Being at Central Saint Martins for the summer is really inspiring. Learning about textiles and printing has given me a broader horizon in my major of product design. But my experience here has not only been about the course content, but also about experiencing another school and city. It's three weeks of brainstorming and creative challenge, especially when I was guided to finish my work in an unfamiliar thinking process. I am sure that my experience at Central Saint Martins will form an important part of my designs and projects.

Parsons School of Design, USA

Zehua Wu, Advanced Fashion Design

This three-week programme totally changed my view of fashion – it’s so refreshing! Definitely a useful and helpful course.

Rhode Island School of Design, USA

Nikita Desai, Fashion Design

Taking this course was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only did I learn about fashion, but I was also immersed in the world of fine art.

I had the extraordinary opportunity to meet students and tutors from all over the world! This course was immensely inspiring, and will stay with me forever on my journey of creation.

Los Angeles, USA

Puzhen Zhou, Textile Design

This course has an intensive curriculum, which exposed me to a variety of textile design techniques in a relatively short time.

Parsons School of Design, USA

Elizabeth Lunday, Contemporary Fine Art Practice

Studying at Central Saint Martins was an eye-opening experience. I was encouraged to use materials that I wasn't always familiar with, which helped me to evolve my skills as an artist. The teachers all came to the course with different points of view and different areas of expertise, which was so helpful. I love my time there.

University of Miami, USA

Gordon Berger, Contemporary Fine Art Practice

My experience at the Summer fine art course was motivating thanks to the creative atmosphere in the group, the freedom in using different approaches and the encouraging class critiques.

School of Design in Belgrade, Serbia

Jamaica Bastiras, Textile Design

The positive energy and productivity of Textile Design Summer Study Abroad was paramount in helping me achieve new levels of personal creativity.
Not only are the facilities probably the best in the world at an educational institution, the tutors and other students on the course provided me with an insight into what working in the textile industry might involve: CSM encourages you to be hardworking, sociable and reflective- in three weeks I learnt more than I did in a year on a previous textile course at my home college! 

I am so glad I enrolled and only wish I had been able to lengthen my studies at the college; the dynamic I experienced was superb!

Adelaide, Australia

Davide Carrano, Fashion Design

I felt like that the course put in our head two main issues: freedom and rules. It was not about beauty or reproducing something which already exists, it was about searching for your own lines, through research and drawings. I especially enjoyed discussions with the tutors about our project. I took this course since I would like to access to the Fashion Folio part 2 and I think it has helped me to push further my ideas and skills.

University of Bologna, Italy

Tamara Krantzberg, Textile Design

The course was more than what I expected! It was personal and I acquired enough different skills to get me started on my thesis and explore further!

Parsons The New School for Design, New York, USA

Jesse Pimenta, Graphic Design

I came out of this course feeling a lot more confident about my design ideas, and the teachers were great at bringing out the best in your work and abilities.

Otis College of Art & Design, Los Angeles, USA

Luis Gutierrez, Graphic Design

I study architecture and doing the Graphic Design course has taught me much more than I expected. Even though it was not my field, I'm sure I took the most out of it. All the teachers were great and I made a bunch of new friends. All this in addition to being in such an amazing city as London made this summer one of the best.

Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona, Spain

Sofia Chavez Del Castillo, Graphic Design

I had the best time at Central Saint Martins, even though the course was short, I learned so much more than just a summer abroad, the city is inspiring with so many beautiful surroundings and historic architecture. I have significantly expanded my skills as a graphic designer and open my mind to new concepts and ideas. The university just feels unique and very rich in art. The teachers were very well prepared and amazingly talented, and having 20 classmates from 20 different countries was amazing. I couldn't have asked for more fun, challenges and diversity than I got this summer at Central Saint Martins.

University of Monterrey, Mexico

Sara Saffore, Interior Design

CSM summer study abroad program creates for its students the perfect environment to confront oneself with interior design's highly demanding standards. Teachers Michelle and Pascal are the real asset to helping students who are willing to reach this level to achieve it. I could feel that their standards of expectations where reflecting the reality of the market and it was good to be challenged. I would recommend this experience to every students interested in interior design who are looking for a high-level short course.

Katya Reily, Textile Design

Jessica Chan was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the subject! One of the most involved professors I've had! She is a textiles ninja!

Pratt Institute, New York, USA

Inga Lena Ruttgers, Experimental Fashion Knitwear

There was a great mix of London experience, inspiration and supply research, technical skills, development of own creativity and personal project. Great ambience within the group and between students and teacher

Fashion Designer, Germany.

Maxim Grudinov, Contemporary Fine Art Practice

Everyone pays special attention to the materials and tools they use in their everyday work. I enjoyed the supporting atmosphere of the course. Since the very first day of studies you realise why Central Saint Martins is one of the best places to uncover your talents. The neatly arranged space of the university and the perfectly balanced curriculum provide the students the opportunity to delve into the world of modern art. Also the chance of communicating with the invited painters and gallery keepers is invaluable while studying and it is exciting to work in teams with students from different countries.

Blagoveshchensk, Russia

Emanuele Gatto, Contemporary Fine Art Practice

The Summer Study Abroad Programme was the ideal opportunity for me to further experiment with my art practice. As part of the programme I could experience creative freedom and collaboration with other artists which allowed me to research into new materials and media. Being a self-taught artist, I found it very interesting to work with people and tutors from very different backgrounds, and with such a diverse experience to share. What came out of this 3-week programme was a fruitful and dense collective creative process whose energy will flow around for much longer.

Rome, Italy

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