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Mandatory Modules

All students will take the following mandatory modules:

Research for Core Subject Area

Tutors: Yvan Martinez, Ian Kettle

This module introduces an array of research methodologies and learning resources that are relevant to studying and working across disciplines and cultures, whilst formulating one’s personal approach and creative process.

Through collaborative and immersive fieldwork, you will be discovering and collecting evidence of London’s rich history and diverse cultures, preparing you for the expectations and challenges required in the studio modules that follow.

Each core area of Fashion or Graphic Design will focus on research which is specific to their subject area

For more detailed course information please contact

  • Unit type: Mandatory
  • Credit value: 2
  • Class hours: 20
  • Non-class hours: 10

Materials Required

  • Camera phone
  • Sketchbook
  • London travelcard for visiting museums, galleries and special collections

Cultural Studies

Tutor: Ben Bethell

This module will provide a context for your practical studio work within current cultural theory, as well as serving as an introduction to London, a world city of unique cultural diversity. With the aim of orienting your work within a broad cultural field, seminars on the themes ‘time’, ‘place’ and ‘identity’ will explore the discipline’s central ideas and their application to your practice.  Among key concepts we shall examine are gender, class, sexuality, multiculturalism, taste, fashion, subculture, popular culture, cultural history, mass media and globalisation.  The process of orientation will then continue beyond the classroom as we investigate London itself as a rich and complex cultural text.  Students will collaborate on a short research project and work independently on a written assignment.

  • Unit type: Core
  • Credit value: 2
  • Class hours: 17.5
  • Non-class hours: 12.5

For more detailed course information please contact 

Ben Bethell is course tutor on BA Criticism, Communication and Curation: Arts and Design at CSM and a doctoral student at Birkbeck College, University of London. His research interests include Victorian science fiction, seaside resorts, graphic satire, social housing, community broadcasting, the end of the world, and the psychogeographical investigation of south-east London. He is co-author of the forthcoming TV Police Drama: from Dragnet to LA Noir (McFarland) and has written content and developed programming for community radio.

Materials Required

  • Notebook, sketchbook, camera, London A-Z, warm/waterproof clothing, suitable footwear