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Study Abroad

Fashion Design

Fashion Design
Central Saint Martins
Minimum 3.0 GPA

The Fashion Semester Programme at Central Saint Martins will encourage you to explore & expand your creative process through extensive research, experimentation and design development through 2D & 3D.

This course is ideal if you want to experience one of our renowned subjects for 14 weeks in London and:

you are 18+ and a student


you work, or aspire to work in a creative industry


you have an interest in fashion, art or design


you want to study and live in London for 14 weeks.

Dates and fees

Duration: 14 weeks

Credit value: Min 12 credits / max 16 credits

This course is next scheduled to run in Autumn 2021 and Spring 2022. View our dates, deadlines and fees.

Apply for Autumn 2021

Apply for Spring 2022

Location: The programme takes place in studios based at our Archway location, Archway Campus (Annexe B), 9 - 15 Elthorne Road, Islington, N19 4AJ

How it works

This 14-week study abroad programme is at one of the world's most prestigious art colleges, located in the creative heart of London. This programme promotes an Art School ethos that defines our approach to both art and design teaching with an emphasis on creativity and research to support a conceptual approach to your study.

1) Choose 1 core module subject area which is your 'home' throughout the semester:

  • Fashion Design - 7 credits


2) All students take Cultural Studies and Research for Core Subject Area:

3) Choose a maximum of 3 elective modules (and a minimum of 2 electives) to customise your programme. The electives allow for a cross-disciplinary approach to support your core subject area:

Elective choices should be made when applying (on the online application form) and you will consult with your core subject leader about your electives during the first two weeks of the programme. All elective choices will be signed off by your core subject leader.

Core module units

Central Saint Martins is world renowned for fashion. There is a strong emphasis on the creative process, experimentation and design development.

The Semester Programme in Fashion is designed to encourage students to explore & expand their creative process through extensive research, experimentation and design development through 2D & 3D.  Students on this track will take core modules Fashion Design 1 and Fashion Design 2 as well as Mandatory and Elective modules.

Fashion Design 1 - 3 credits

In the Fashion Design 1 module, you will have the opportunity to transform your 2D designs into 3D prototypes. You are going to achieve this by exploiting a technique used by many fashion designers called draping. Draping is a method of creating structures and even patterns by draping fabric on to a body form, or mannequin.  As well as draping you will be shown methods of evolving and reworking found garments to develop new design ideas. This module will also introduce you to specific techniques such as pinning, cutting and manipulating fabric. In addition to practical experimentation, you will produce a body of research. This research will be based on your initial sketchbook work and draping. It should then inspire your experimentation and help you develop your design ideas. You are encouraged to document your findings visually and with written comments. This way, the work progresses so that by the end of the project there is a clear record of the way your ideas have developed into a final garment design.

Fashion Design 2 - 4 credits

The Fashion Design 2 module is an amalgamation of all the skills you will have learnt so far on the course. It specifically follows on from the Fashion Design 1 module. In this module, there will be more advanced draping and textile experimentation. There will be an emphasis on construction and creating sophisticated 3D realisations of your 2D concepts. We will also focus on sketchbook and presentation skills for your portfolio preparation. You will generate a capsule collection.  The collection will consider seasons, materials, colour range, costing, your market, and other possible issues.

Course leader

    Ian Scott Kettle

    Ian Scott Kettle graduated from Saint Martins and The Royal College of Art. He is a London based designer with twenty five years of fashion design experience. Ian is currently Pioneering an exciting new wave in bespoke menswear accessories. The work is informed by a love for art history and extensive knowledge of traditional gentlemen's cloth accessories. It is re-imagined through classic bespoke construction and modern cutting methods. The brand is re-working classic accessories such as the bow tie, cummerbund, cravat and neck tie. It is also working to reintroduce typologies that have been lost to time, such as the band, jabot, coif and chaperon.
    A well-respected and inspiring teacher, Ian has taught fashion design at Central Saint Martins for the last twenty years.  He also lectures internationally, setting up and delivering courses in Paris, Mexico City, Buenos Aires and China. Ian is currently Course Leader for Fashion, on the Semester Program at Central Saint Martins.

Materials required

  • Your ongoing A4 ring binder research file
  • A3 landscape sketchbook
  • Dress pins
  • Pen, pencil & eraser, chalk pastels, charcoal,
  • Scissors, stapler, glue stick, knife & cutting board, masking tape
  • Sewing needles & thread
  • Camera (digital)

Items can also be purchased from the college shop.