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Semester Programme

A unique course-based study abroad programme allowing you to choose modules across design or fashion for autumn and spring semesters.

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This is a 14-week study abroad programme at one of the world's most prestigious art colleges, located in the creative heart of London. This programme promotes CSM's Art School ethos that defines our approach to both art and design teaching with an emphasis on creativity and research to support a conceptual approach to your study.

How it works

1) Choose a core modules subject area which is your 'home' throughout the semester:

2) All students take the Research for Core Subject Area:

3) Choose a maximum of 3 elective modules to customise your programme. The electives allow for a cross-disciplinary approach to support your core subject area:

The programme takes place in studios based at our Archway location, Archway Campus (Annexe B), 9 - 15 Elthorne Road, Islington, N19 4AJ