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Central Saint Martins

Student Views

Rebecca Hendin, BA Graphic Design

My time on the Study Abroad course afforded me opportunities that I never would have had otherwise.  I came knowing no one and very little about the city itself - purely on the whim of a new experience. Now I am practising my passion as an Illustrator here in London...I love it here!

California College of the Arts, Oakland, CA, USA

Jonathan Lee, BA Graphic Design

"My advice to anyone thinking of coming to London would definitely be to do it. You won't get the same kind of opportunity to go abroad for a few months once you've graduated. I've produced some of my best work here. There's less emphasis on quick turnaround times and tight deadlines and you're given a chance to explore a theme and interpret in your own way. I've discovered more about myself as an artist."

Parsons, The New School for Design, NY, USA

Shubi Rastogi, BA Jewellery Design

"I heard about the opportunities at Central Saint Martins through the British Council. Although I'd never been to the UK before, the College helped to organise accommodation in a hall of residence, so I didn't have to worry about that aspect of the trip. London is a place where creativity is really appreciated and people are able to make their mark. There's so much talent and so many new artists. I've also taken the opportunity to improve my own hand and craft skills."

NIFT, Gandhinagar, India

Jason Mahler, BA Fashion Knitwear

"I chose Central Saint Martins because of its reputation - some of the best designers in the world have come out of the school. I wanted to say that I'd experienced it and to put it on my resumé. The opportunity to be with such high-quality students was great and there was a fair bit of healthy competition that really drives you. I'd had a very business-oriented education in the States, but in London, I was able to grow creatively. Since returning to New York, I've got a job designing my first fashion collection, which will be launched in Spring 2007. Even though I still have a year of school left, I found someone who's prepared to invest a lot of money in my work. He wanted to meet me the second he heard I'd been to Central Saint Martins."

Fashion Institute of Technology, NY, USA

Alex Eslam, BA Directing

"My time at Drama Centre was really inspiring and helped me to develop, both intellectually and in my skills. I'd recommend a stay at Drama School for every future student and I am proud of my time here!"

Film Academy Badeu - Wurttemberg, Germany

Christiane Wetter,  MA Screen: Acting, Directing, Writing - Drama Centre London

"My study abroad experience at the MA Screen course was a real enrichment, because I had the opportunity to meet so many different and interesting people. All coming from different ethnical and occupational backgrounds, we were united by one passion: working for the screen. It was great to combine the skills, ideas and creativity of the directors, actors and writers. When I first started the course, it was also a big challenge for me to work and play in a different language. I was very surprised how after a short period of time the English language felt so natural to me, thanks to the voice classes we had.

I was also quite amazed to get to know a lot of famous people working for tv and film, which were invited by our course director. Talking to people who already have 'a name' in the industry and listening to the life stories of people who made a living of this challenging job, I felt a little less afraid of being capable to deal with my future life as an actress.

All in all, I am grateful for the new friendships I could make on the course, the new and different acting skills I was able to learn and the wonderful time I had in this marvellous city. You can never know if these friendships with directors, actors and writers from all over the world can turn out to be also helpful contacts out there in the business."

Hanover University of Music and Drama