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Central Saint Martins


Advert declaring - I can't afford to stay in the city I was born in

As artists and designers we interrogate and re-imagine the world around us.

Central Saint Martins nurtures art, design and performance that stimulates debate and reflects upon the challenges of the contemporary world. Through collaboration, we create experiences, campaigns, events and works that challenge the status-quo and move minds.

Phone 020 7514 7296 or email to discuss how we can work with you to actively engage your audiences and community.

Woman with green face paint
Tate Exchange, 2017. Photo: Belinda Lawley

This Is An Art School

This Is An Art School at Tate turned the traditional art school on its head and highlighted threats to art education

children pushing a huge blue ball

Unannounced Acts of Publicness

Ten unannounced artworks probe the meaning of ‘public’ in privately owned space.

Wall with text - You wonder why we write on the wall

Graffiti Dialogues

Criminal or Creative? Bringing together artists, designers, authorities and academics to address contemporary perceptions of graffiti and street art.

Older and younger woman sitting together

Threads and Yarns - Wellcome Foundation

An intergenerational, interactive textile project uncovering historical changes in public health.

Man climbing over a fence

Cally Calls

Discovering local knowledge in collaborations between local communities and artists.

Abstract futuristic sclupture

Alive: New Design Frontiers

The first international design exhibition exploring how biology and design interface to create new, sustainable paradigms.