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Visa Europe

Visa Europe teamed with Central Saint Martins students and graduates to create inspirational design concepts for a wearable payment device that could feasibly be developed for the year 2020.

With guidance from MA Industrial Design tutor and designer Silas Grant and Programme Director Nick Rhodes, the designers – Marta Monge, Maxime Moreaux, Gareth Ladley, Marina Mellado and Bronka de Sage - produced three co-created design concepts that explore wearable tech experiences.

Each design combines useful functions with expression of personal identity and the small pleasures of the everyday. They were presented at the Visa Europe technology partner forum, as part of the London Design Festival 2015.

The project aimed to spark conversation around the possibilities for wearable payments and allowed Visa to tap into CSM’s fresh creative talent to inspire innovation in this growing marketplace.

“We envisage that contactless technology will become a standard feature on many wearable devices by 2020. In fact, there’s no reason why the payment function on a wearable device wouldn’t become as ubiquitous as the alarm function on a digital watch.”

Nick Mackie, Head of Contactless at Visa Europe

The concepts

A device worn on the wrist, which allows the user to allocate their spending to different categories using simple, discreet gestures. It allows users to be smarter with their money and keep track of their spending in a fun and easy way.

Small Change
A futuristic coin, which replaces the need for carrying change. Loaded with digital money it has an e-ink display – this shows a progress dial of the funds available, but retains the physical familiarity of a coin and the behaviours associated with it.

A contactless payment device that can be worn as an accessory. Aimed at the fashion conscious, it enables biometric payments and tracks a person’s purchases and brands of choice. This information would be visible to other people, who could scan the device with their smartphone and instantly see the digital fashion profile of the user.