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Drama Centre

Drama students rehearsing wearing period costumes
John Sturrock

About Drama Centre

Originally founded in 1963 by a visionary group of tutors and students, Drama Centre’s ethos remains inspirational, passionate and resolutely serious about acting as a career. The  Performance Programme courses share an unflagging ambition to empower students wherever they come from and whatever their background, to enter with confidence the world of performance in all its aspects.

The name Drama Centre is very much alive at Central Saint Martins and something we celebrate.

Drama Centre is its courses:

Drama Centre is a complex unity of ideas and experience - so too all the courses in the Performance Programme.

We share:

  • Radical ways of using skills and craft
  • A culture and a heritage passed from one to another
  • Bodies and minds
  • Roots and principles shared with communities
  • We are the next generation of ideas and experience in performance and theatre
  • We are our alumni
  • We are our friends
  • We are serious about what it means to make experience for others
  • The Programme is its advocates and champions, its travellers
  • We look for opportunities for positive change and challenge.

Since 1999 Drama Centre has been part of Central Saint Martins, a constituent College of the University of the Arts London and an internationally renowned institution, which offers a diverse and comprehensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in art, design and performance. With a central London location and excellent learning and performance facilities we offer students a unique blend of teaching, learning and training methods.

All students enjoy seminars and master classes with high-ranking professionals who can relate directly to their experience in the industry. The Programme is supported through advice from professionals from the industry who help to give currency to the curriculum.

Actor training is characterised by a high level of integration across all disciplines, ensuring that students develop systematically, term after term, across the full range of professional skills and aptitudes. For more information see the course pages.

The Programme is enriched by the tradition and philosophy of Drama Centre and the equally significant heritage and culture of the Performance, Design, Directing and Animation courses.