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Master of Business Administration - 2020/21 cohort

Adam Deng

I am an artist, designer and businessman from China. I learned contemporary art in China and Korea in his bachelor's period, and then completed my master's in interactive design at the Glasgow School of Art in the UK. I have been devoted to the integration of arts, design, and commerce, and hope to create socially valued things that combine the sensibility of creative empathy with the rationality of innovative problem-solving.

I once served as an interactive designer in the internet industry in Beijing and Cambridge. After two years of my professional career, I started my personal business journey. I was engaged in small-scale investment as a joint venture founding several Chinese localised ventures of involving catering and leisure fields, etc. Now, I will start my new entrepreneurship journey.

Aliyah Finkel

My name is Aliyah Finkel. I am from NYC and moved to London four years ago for my BA in Creative Direction which I completed in July 2020. For the last three years, Iʼve worked as creative and VIP project manager for Harris Reed.

Ana Klein

My name is Ana Klein, I am a 27-year-old Ecuadorian-French living in London. I am currently working in the fashion industry as head of Business Development for an e-commerce direct-to-consumer platform called Curated Crowd. I previously managed a fashion jewellery business in New York but decided to move to London and join this course with the hope of setting up my own company.

Charlotte Dimopoulos

I am a digital marketing professional born and raised in New York, USA. My undergraduate education was in Strategic Design and Management at Parsons School of Design in NYC. I have a specific focus on the fashion industry, and am currently working on launching my brand, Off The Beat Clothing in 2021. My main passion is in the luxury fashion sector as well as in philanthropy. It is a goal of mine to incorporate my passion for travel and diverse culture into my business.

Christopher Widjaja

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Ellen Burgin

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Emily Rosenblum

Iʼm Emily, a half Aussie, half American based in Los Angeles. Currently, I serve as Director of Brand Experience and Planning for Disneyʼs multi-platform radio network, working within a small, cross-functional senior leadership team that drives the consumer marketing strategy and execution of priority initiatives. Iʼve spent over 15 years in the entertainment industry, spanning marketing, PR, talent relations, production and client services, but I specialise in creating impactful brand experiences that feature arts-focused content. Iʼve worked with companies across the creative industries, from tech start-ups to some of the worldʼs most iconic brands – including the three largest record label groups, dozens of independent labels, and industry leaders including Spotify and Universal Music Group.

Filip Harding

After a degree in design, I entered the world of fast-moving consumer goods to combine creativity and technology in the field of packaging. Working for various multinational brands in different roles across Europe whilst being naturally curious enabled me to gain experience across many disciplines. I now consult for food service brands to lead the development, implementation, and maintenance of sustainable, innovative and compliant product/packaging solutions. This comes at a time of intense focus on the packaging industry due to its environmental impacts of which a deep passion of mine is to identify the right solutions for the future.

Lilian Horler

I grew up in the countryside of Switzerland and am now living and working in Zurich. After completing my Bachelorʼs degree in graphic design, I worked at Spark Works (Switzerlandʼs leading strategic innovation company) and ETH Zurich as a designer and consultant. I was able to gain a profound skill set in design, human-centred innovation methods and creative problem-solving and was able to apply it in various industries. Furthermore, I proactively took over administrative and managerial responsibilities. Building on that I am aiming to enrich my creative career with the abilities and qualities needed to be a leader in todayʼs fast-changing world.

Liv Foged

My name is Liv Foged and Iʼm 33 years-old. I am originally from Denmark, but for the past 11 years Iʼve lived in London, and the past five Iʼve been running a fashion agency in Old Street. Iʼm yet to experience a great period in my business in terms of the climate we trade in, however I feel comfortable and strong in the current stage despite the challenges experienced.

Lydia Jenner

I have always had a creative characteristic which I feel is my most dominant. For many years I have enjoyed designing clothing, devising businesses and coming up with artistic campaign concepts. Since learning that business and fashion is something that Iʼm driven towards I have gained an interest and spectrum of knowledge about fashion entrepreneurs such as Christopher Raeburn, Philip Green and Christina Ong. Their works have inspired me to develop my own skills and have given me an insight as to how to establish a business empire with fashion.

Maddie Ford

I have a vibrant work history and for the last thirteen years, built my career within the ticketing sector of the arts industry. This has included working for organisations such as the Unicorn Theatre, the Old Vic and the Roundhouse. I also work for an LGBTQ+ club night and regularly perform voluntary work, including in schools offering careers advice. I enjoy combining my practical, administrative and team management skills with working in creative environments. This is reflected in my ambitions to one day become a leader of a non-commercial arts organisation, where I intend to be an innovative and positive change-maker.

Mark Homans

I am a Senior Business Leader working within the global Santander Universities programme, responsible for developing and delivering strategic objectives. I have extensive experience working across the Financial Services and Higher Education sectors over a career spanning over 20 years. I am a skillful communicator and influencer, responsible for strategy and operational development, governance and planning. I combine strong analytical and planning skills, essential for managing complexity, resulting in clear and achievable SMART objectives.

Meng He

Iʼm Meng. My previous educational and work background is in law, and I have also worked in marketing tech. I grew up in Melbourne, and I have lived in Hong Kong and London.

Mingming Huang

I am a fashion designer who created her own brand MING MING in Hong Kong and mainland China. My neo-Chinese fashion design has its roots from my home town in Jiangsu, China, where the tradition of silk fabrics and embroidery has flourished for hundreds of years. Yet, having been educated in Hong Kong, I blend modern and Western elements and different art-forms in my design.

Successful projects include launching a MING MING co-brand bank card in mainland China featuring the fashion design patterns taken from the characteristic Hong Kong skylines as the design concept. As fine-dining and fine-wine has always been an interest, I have recently blended a new experience of fine-dining with neo-Chinese style Cheongsam modelling and cosplay. Seeing guests thrilled with the new experience, the project would likely lead to creating a new fine-dining business – a new entrepreneurial project perfect to leverage the new MBA skills and wisdoms from fellow classmates.

Monica De La Rosa

I am from Peru and had lived in some countries around the world. My educational accomplishments include Bachelors in Business Administration and Finance, Hospitality and a MA in Interior Design at Italian Istituto Marangoni in London that I just finished this year. I have worked in construction and health industries in Lima as a director of operations, commercial marketing but decided to make a shift in my career. Now, I am looking forward to mixing my business background and still developing my designer side as an entrepreneur. My life goal is to run an international NGO.

Samuel Orme

I'm from London, but I have been living and working all over the world for the past decade. My work experience is in the production of live entertainment. Before the pandemic, I was working for Cirque du Soleil delivering some of their most ambitious new projects, mainly permanent shows in new bespoke-built performance venues. My role entailed coordinating and managing creative teams during the conceptual and pre-production process, and then operationally bringing teams together onsite to deliver these new productions. Outside of these long-lead projects, I also regularly (in a Covid free world) freelance as a stage manager and show caller for large-scale events and ceremonies. The work is very diverse, and I genuinely love what I do; in the year before the pandemic, I was in Lima for the South American Football Cup final, in the UAE coordinating a large-scale military tattoo, and in China working on a brand-experience event for Porsche.

Sean Murphy

Iʼm a freelance television producer with over 25 years industry experience - starting off as a fresh-faced graduate work experience runner, working my way up to Executive Producer. My credits include reality, live events and entertainment.

Throughout my career Iʼve assembled, been part of and led large teams on series, one-offs and daily live shows for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Sky and MTV. My role as executive producer combines creative thinking, business planning, people and resource management, plus overall quality control. Projects start with the germ of an idea and a delivery date, then culminate in a show, series or live event (and the hope that lots of people are watching). We work with fixed budgets, to very tight deadlines; balancing the needs and demands of multiple stakeholders and personalities.

Steven Doan

I came from fashion and creative background with experience working for Elle and Vogue. I also have luxury retail experience working with LVMH group and Harrods store and currently hold the VIP client executive and fashion advisor role at Celine. I am resilient and ambitious to learn new things and contribute his experience and knowledge to the course.

Tufail Hussain

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Vanessa (Ve) Dewey

I am a designer by trade but instinctually a connector. I see opportunities others do not by thinking beyond the bleeding edge. For over 12 years, I have applied this mindset whilst working with major brands like Mattel, Adobe, WPP, and BBC. I possess a design-entrapreneur mindset which allows me to easily navigate between verticals and industries. This is evident with my experience of curating and executing the inaugural creative HR role at Mattel, supporting 600+ creatives during the companyʼs cultural and digital transformation and of marketing at Adobe, where I solely established a new creative marketing program in Europe. Though I straddle corporate and creative, overall, I care most about finding connections to solve problems that allow communities and organisations to successfully evolve.