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Central Saint Martins


Borders in flux. An environment developed by MA Contemporary Photography; Practices and Philosophies.

We have travelled from above to below the surface of the land in efforts to cultivate and refine the earth and our resources in the name of progress. In the 1960s we broached new existentialisms in seeking to claim land beyond us and in turn saw ours from the outside for the first time. Whilst we now face a shortage of resources and repeat the resonant border conflicts of the past, humanity has entered a new era of externalities in claiming space. By the 2030s we are expected to begin colonising Mars and further expanding our reach across time and space.

Participating students: Gabrielle Brooks, James Bryant, Yili Liu, Maria Clara Lorusso, Zelda Montjean-Zen, Lara Orawski, Ana Luiza Pereira Rodrigues, Anamarija Podrebarac, Federico Pompei. Special thanks to Pat Naldi and Jędrek Filuś.