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installation of phones and projections of limbs

Emerging technologies

New technologies expand how artists and designers can turn imagination into reality

Methods and means are always evolving. From digital frontiers to biological borderlands, we push emerging technologies to discover new applications and expressions.
People in white coats sitting watching woman in white coat write on whiteboard
Grow Lab, Central Saint Martins (Photo: Paul Cochrane)

Introducing the Grow Lab

Here, students are exposed to scientific principles, experimental design and the profound sense of wonder that comes from studying the natural world.  growing bacteria and yeast, propagating plants or running bioreactors.

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MA Fashion Show 2019 was the world's first mixed reality fashion show in 5G in partnership with Three.


Inside mechanism of a 3D printer
Digital Fabrication Bureau (Photo: John Sturrock)

Digital Fabrication Bureau

Person wearing VR headset and holding controls on both hands
Virtual Reality, 4D workshop (Photo: John Sturrock)

Technology stories

MA Fashion: Leeann Huang

Joint winner of the L’Oréal Professionnel Creative Award, Leeann Huang combines retro concepts of the future with cartoon glam and vacuum moulding.

SZ magazine

One of Germany’s biggest broadsheets devotes 46 pages to Central Saint Martins, calling us "the most exciting art college in the world".

MA Fashion Show 2020

Last night, 21 graduating MA Fashion students unveiled their collections with two designers named the winners of the L’Oréal Professionnel Creative Award.