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Introducing Honeymoon 226

Written by Harry RM
Published date 03 December 2019

Honeymoon 226 is a new gallery in the heart of Peckham.

Established by 7 Camberwell graduates, Honeymoon 226 is a collaborative project that aims to promote each member’s artistic practice, whilst also nurturing the area’s artistic community. It is both a shared studio and exhibition space.

The artists based at Honeymoon 226 are - Kerri Cole, Lenard Giller, India Mello, Joseph Morrissey, Siân Newlove-Drew, Will Pegna and Harry Roberts. We caught up with them to talk about the space.

'You are the Good Morning' install shot - Credit: Honeymoon 226 Caption

How the project came about

‘There has been a very natural exchange between the 7 of us throughout our final year at Camberwell. Some of us had worked together on off-site shows, collaborations that felt important. The focus for Honeymoon centres on sustaining each of our individual practices post-graduation. We found the space and decided to use it as both a shared studio and an exhibition space. It also provides a platform for other artists.’ - Lenard Giller.

'You are the Good Morning' install shot - Credit: Honeymoon 226 Caption

Artistic practice

Although Honeymoon acts as a singular space for its' creators their individual practices vary highly. Kerri finds interest in critiquing art and its' economy, Harry’s work revolves around writing, Lenard's practice concentrates on form and materiality, Siân explores objects and their meaning and Will focuses on movement and dance. This diversity of practice creates a really dynamic atmosphere within the group.

Siân Newlove-Drew: Spilt Out Fancy Dress. Bronze cast doilies, dove soap, carpet, bleach, talcum powder, cigarette ash, massage oil, baby oil and coke. Time Cannibal, Brockley Gardens, August 2019 - Credit: Honeymoon 226 Caption

London and the politics of space

‘Honeymoon 226 is a temporal space, we started renting it knowing it wouldn’t have permanency and I suppose that’s why we called the space Honeymoon. I feel like in London everything sort of teeters on the edge of temporality. Now, through seeing our own space evolve, I can’t help but view spaces as more and more political. London is expensive, art is expensive and, I suppose, it makes me sad.

Honeymoon has allowed us to make something exciting, when actually things can feel quite inaccessible at times. What we have been able to do is use an existing space and really get motivated about making and showing, not only our work but through inviting other artists too. I think it’s important that artists can run spaces and set up projects. It is a ‘honeymoon’, and in actuality there is something quite gorgeous about coming into the space as a group of friends who all studied together. I think we are all quite thrilled by all the possibilities.’ - Siân Newlove-Drew.

'You are the Good Morning' install shot - Credit: Honeymoon 226 Caption

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Visit Honeymoon 226, 226 Rye Lane, Peckham, London SE15 4NL.

Instagram: @226honeymoon