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INSERT NAME: Foundation Student Tara White

Tara White 2
Tara White 2

Written by
Jane Cuppage
Published date
15 April 2016

Camberwell Summer Shows 2016 are almost here and to celebrate we are running a series of interviews to set you in the mood for the upcoming events. The first of this series is Foundation Diploma student Tara White.

Tara has followed the Sculpture pathway and is currently working on her Summer Show installation piece. Her work sprouted out when thinking of ways to combat the anti-homeless spikes in London. Here, she tells us more about it and what is like to be a Foundation student at Camberwell.

Tell us about the preparations for the Summer Show exhibition

The college is really buzzing at the moment, everyone is busy and you can really feel the excitement when you walk into the building. The Illustration rooms are already painted and ready for people to start curating! The Sculpture studios are bustling, and the Painting room is covered in colour! I really think the show is going to be successful; everyone is working really hard.

Tara White - Foundation Student

How was the creative process of your final piece?

I started to look at the state gentrification had left less fortunate people in, and perhaps how we could make the streets more people friendly. This led me to concentrate on structures on the street that could be used for shelter, for example, scaffolding towers.

I have used quite a wide variety of materials for my current project. I have mainly used found materials, (apart from silicone rubber and concrete) because I wanted to highlight how versatile we can be with recycling. My eagerness to find and collect really assisted me with this idea, as well as people’s willingness to hoard plastic bags after the new 5p charge. My most favourite thing that I’ve found so far is a 1950’s (circa) Swedish saltshaker, which I then cast to make spikes for my project.

Tara White - Foundation student

Work by Tara White

Tara White - Foundation student

Work by Tara White

Do you have an artist influence?

I really like the work that Assemble do, I actually worked with Fran from their group for a short time back in 2014 for Open House. We collectively created an environment for experimental performers. This experience was invaluable because it introduced me to the idea of future spaces and the different environments art can be viewed in.

Tara White

Image: Tara White – Assemble

Which is your favourite gallery at the moment?

I really like the Zabludowicz Collection. The space is fantastic, I love that it is a former church because I think it creates a totally different atmosphere when viewing work, and I really believe we should be challenging the spaces and environments that we put art in.

And finally how is your summer looking?

I am currently working in the planning group for the launch event for the new Tate Modern this summer. I will be chairing a talk and there’s going to be plenty of exciting things to get involved in including tours and workshops, so watch this space!

Tara’s work will be displayed during Camberwell’s Foundation Diploma Summer Show 2016 from 9 -13 May 2016.

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