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Jonathan Kearney

MA Fine Art Digital Course Leader
Camberwell College of Arts
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Jonathan  Kearney


Jonathan Kearney is an artist, Postgraduate Programme Director at Camberwell College of Arts and Course Leader for MA Fine Art Digital.

He has extensive international experience, both in curating and exhibiting his own work. Having lived in China he has exhibited, curated and taught at many institutions, gaining significant insight into Chinese contemporary art and thinking.

Since 2004 he has pioneered online learning for fine art masters students. Uniquely the MA Fine Art Digital course is offered both as a studio based course in London and as a fully online option. This innovative approach to learning is backed by his research and experimentation, which shows how digital tools can enhance both learning and art practice.

Kearney has been awarded the UAL Teaching Award, which is nominated by students, on 3 separate occasions.

His research interests are online and blended pedagogy, art practice and theological engagement and fine art practice in a digital environment.