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Meet Giulio Mazzarini

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Published date 08 December 2015

Central Saint Martins alumnus and current Associate Professor, Giulio Mazzarini, has volunteered to establish UAL’s first Italian Alumni Group, with the aim of building a vibrant and creative community across the whole of Italy. Giulio hopes alumni will come together to support each other professionally, meet new friends, guide Italian students at UAL through their college experience and share ideas.

You can start connecting with the group by joining them on Facebook, or email Giulio at

Meet Giulio…

What made you decide to come and study at Central Saint Martins?
After studying Sociology in Italy, I decided to study Design in London, also to improve my English and live in one of the most exciting cities in the world.

I knew the fame of Central St Martins, but it was only when I visited the college building, met my course director and some fellow students that I realised I really wanted to study there. They were all very positive, open minded and interested in how you can contribute to a creative process.

What was the best thing you gained from your time at UAL?
I learnt to question every assumption, any prejudice and pre-conceptions.

Also working with colleagues coming from over 10 different countries, with different cultures and backgrounds.

Are you still in touch with any of your old classmates?
Absolutely! I often collaborate and discuss exciting projects with some of them. For example, I am currently working with a former CSM classmate based in the Far East.

You now come back to teach at CSM. Has much changed?
Not really, the vibrant atmosphere is still there.

What’s more, with the new building at Kings Cross, students from all courses can meet, communicate and collaborate more than before.

What do you do now?
I lecture Art Direction and Photography across UAL, as well as in two other colleges, one in Italy (IED) and one in France (Groupe INSEEC).

I am also the photographer and creative director of my own little agency, Gem Creative.

What are you most proud of?
I enjoy working on very different projects, from start-ups to big brands, although I feel more fulfilled when the work done can help others, like a Samaritans campaign I did on psychologically vulnerable youth, a project presented at the House of Parliament on Hate Crimes, or a published article on a community of families near Milan that helps and hosts vulnerable refugees families.

You have kindly volunteered to start our new UAL Italian Alumni Group. (Thanks so much!) What made you want to help?
After seeing other alumni groups doing very well, I wanted to see Italy represented too. Italians have historically been a people of artists and travellers, so I knew there were many UAL Italian students and alumni out there. It was only a case of putting them together.

I am also quite curious to meet lots of UAL compatriots, and find out what they are up to.

What do you hope an Italian community will achieve?
I hope that we will grow quickly, and we will soon be able to meet regularly – in Rome, Milan or London of course, but also in other cities like Florence, Venice, Naples or Palermo. I also hope that we can help Italian students with their settling in London, and alumni with their careers (e.g. showcasing their work). Finally I hope that many members will become friends. Also start collaborating together on new exciting projects!!

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