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Taiwan Alumni Group

Taiwan Alumni Association

Based in Taipei, UAL’s Taiwan Alumni Group provides opportunities for students and graduates to meet, network, be creative and have fun.

In 2012 UAL’s Vice-Chancellor, Nigel Carrington, and UAL Pro Vice-Chancellor, Chris Wainwright, had the privilege of hosting a special event in Taiwan in order to meet the group. An official launch of the Taiwan Alumni Association then took place in 2015.

View photos of the launch.

Meet the group’s contact point

Ian Hsieh (CSM, BA (Hons) Fine Art & MA Fine Art) is a former president of the Taiwanese Student Society. Ian has always loved to draw and from an early age realised that art was the thing that motivated him the most. Ian organises many interesting activities for the group to participate in and is keen to get you involved in the future of the group:

"When I first arrived in the UK, there were so many people who helped me settle in and share their valuable experiences with me. That's why I wanted to become the head of the Taiwanese student association at UAL and now the UAL Taiwanese alumni network. It's very rewarding to share happiness and fun!"

Find out more about Ian

To get involved and to find out more, join the Taiwan Alumni Group on Facebook or send Ian an email at