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Sweden Alumni Group

The UAL Sweden alumni group is headed up by two UAL alumni, Paula and Adriana, who are both ex-pats living in Sweden.

“After always sighing at the lack of an alumni group here in Stockholm, we decided it was time to change that. The Swedish creative industry, even if buoyant and prolific it can be daunting and very tight knit, especially for those who are new to the country or have spent a significant time overseas.

With the group we would like to establish a creative and supportive network of like-minded people to meet with, get inspired, share memories, seek advice and most of all have fun! We are talking after-work drinks, master-classes, critique groups, collective exhibitions and any other creative input or outlet possible, you name it!”

If you want to be a part of this new and exciting group, please get in touch with Paula and Adriana today.

Read more about Paula and Adriana’s journey to Sweden, and how they came to set up the group.