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Current UAL Teaching Scholars

The title of UAL Teaching Scholar celebrates the achievements of outstanding teachers, and Scholars are supported to develop and share their practice with colleagues.

2020 UAL Teaching Scholars

Jonathan Kearney is Course Leader, MA Fine Art Digital at Central Saint Martins

Semi structured group tutorials – using open questions and reflective listening

Jonathan’s project draws on the key idea of ‘being with’ students. Instead of a deficit model, where we only see individuals as people with needs that we can solve, ‘being with’ means that we act with humility: we empower others and are open to learning ourselves.  This project will expand understanding of a ‘being with’ model of facilitating learning, developing resources for colleagues, such as a toolkit and practical workshops.

Richie Manu is Course Tutor, MA Applied Imagination at Central Saint Martins

How students learn, engage and gain new insights in multi-disciplinary settings

How can students across courses within Programmes know and learn about their peers?  How can cross-course interventions nurture a culture of Programme Identity? Richie’s project will investigate and develop interventions, activities and events that enable students from within Programmes to connect, learn, engage with each other. Creating an environment for this cultural and knowledge exchange will contribute to and enhance student learning.

2019 UAL Teaching Scholars

Kelly Chorpening is Course Leader, BA Drawing at Camberwell College of Arts

With a particular focus on first-year undergraduate students, Kelly’s project will create more opportunities for undertaking collective drawing activities aimed at increasing students’ confidence.

Elizabeth Peebles is Senior Lecturer, Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts

Elizabeth’s project entitled Intercultural Reading Rooms will establish a student-led discussion forum designed to explore pluralistic understandings of cultural production based on evaluation of difference.