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A request for your investment ideas

Written by Nigel Carrington
Published date 23 January 2012

The underlying theme of my last all staff briefing was one of ‘cautious optimism’ and I mentioned then that I would be giving all members of staff the opportunity to contribute to the development of a ‘wish list’ for 2012/13 for areas in which additional investment should be considered.

Investment ideas should enrich student experience

Of course, we cannot be sure that the next academic year will be any better funded than the current one but there are reasons for some cautious optimism and, subject to our Home/EU application numbers holding up and total student numbers (including international students) reaching our targets, we may be in a position to increase expenditure slightly next year. If we are in that happy position, I would like to make sure that we do not simply feed any incremental income across all University budgets equally; instead, I should like us first to form a considered view about how we might best use any additional funds to make a significant positive impact on the experience of all or a substantial body of our students.

College and Central Services management teams have already been asked to contribute their thoughts but I would like to make sure that we do not overlook any other staff suggestions so please do use this blog as an opportunity to put forward ideas.

I am not looking for detailed proposals but rather succinct ideas or points that might be put into a schedule for further consideration by the University’s Executive Board in spring.