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#UALlovesEU: Knowledge is Borderless

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Published date 08 July 2016

UAL highly values its place within the European cultural environment, and believes that knowledge and scholarship are borderless. UAL is a place for people with common interests to work alongside each other, wherever you were born.


“UAL highly values its place within the European cultural environment, and believes that knowledge and scholarship are borderless”

We remain committed to these principles and to our current and prospective students from across Europe. We value our EU students’ contribution to the talent pool and cultural diversity of UK education.

We are proud of our students’ passion and to support their voice we’re sharing a variety of their responses to the EU referendum, from before the vote and after the result:

Enrico Di Paola studying MA Television at LCC from Italy said:

“[UAL is] definitely a very international place, ideal for meeting different cultures while improving professional skills.”

Camberwell BA Illustration alumni Kyle Platts also made this poster for an EU street party/art event in Peckham last week along with another BA Illustration grad from Camberwell Thomas Slater:


MA Graphic Design LCC alumnus, Alberto Hernández says:

“I only spent one year at LCC but that was enough time to meet many talented creatives from all around the world, and what that entails: learning from and with them, getting to know their cultures, hanging-out with them… Definitely, meeting other students was one of the highlights and best memories from my time at LCC.”

Philip Ellis studying BA Fashion at CSM created a 2016 Anti-Brexit collection:



Orenella Kolle, studying BA Advertising at LCC, from France says:

London is open to creativity and the weird. And I do enjoy being weird and creative. It really feels, for the first time since I started going to school, like I can be myself without people judging me. And I can actually feel it in my grades, my attitude towards going to university every morning.”

Vicky Simmons who is mentioned here in this piece on pro-EU work by creatives on It’s Nice that, is a BA Graphics grad from Camberwell and created badges for the #imstayingIN campaign:


Martina Giulianelli and Anna Cennamo studied BA Graphic and Media Design at LCC, and say:

“Talk to people about what you love, tell your story, share your ideas. At the beginning collaboration and networking is everything, working with people from different background opens your mind and it broadens your skills.”

Jane Mackay, an MA Fine Art student explored  Brexit in her installation of protest placards titled “David Cameron Ate my Goldfish” at Wimbledon College of Art 2016 Summer show:


LCF students and alumni have been exploring their feelings about Brexit through a series of images and interviews called “LCF Loves EU”:

Dutch BA (Hons) Bespoke Tailoring alumnus Sebastiaan Pieter said:

“I think Brexit will be detrimental to the UK fashion industry, as much as the BFC have created an amazing community for the industry they still very much rely on EU free trade and agreements made with countries outside the EU. I don’t see a way ‘forward’ for the UK fashion industry if they leave the EU in the next couple years, it will take a LONG time to recover from a setback like that.”


BA (Hons) Fashion Media – Part Time alumni and Spanish national, Gsus Lopez, said:

“I chose to leave Spain to study at LCF because it was in the heart of London which is the cultural capital of the world. Thanks to this I have met many new friends worked with people of many nationalities; making it a rich and unique experience. Cinema, like art, is our universal language and it unites us.”


Hanna Puskarz, another recent BA (Hons) Fashion Photography graduate and Polish national, said:

“Imagine all the models coming to London Fashion Week from abroad, having to apply for visas, and the costs it might cause. Also, there is no clear decision on trade deals with other countries yet, but it might be possible that all the productions based elsewhere in Europe will increase costs of the products. And in general, I think it will limit the collaborations a lot – I had a chance to collaborate with people from abroad but I’m afraid it will be much more difficult, unless there is at least free movement between UK and EU. But for now, I just hope that either Brexit won’t go through or if it does, that it will be cleverly done because I’m really worried about my future here, in London.”

You can read the full article “LCF Loves EU”  here.