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UAL supports UN campaign to end violence against women

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Published date 25 November 2016

UAL is supporting the UN Orange Label Project, run and supported by the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women and London College of Fashion. Launching Friday 25 November, this project marks the 20th anniversary of UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women (UNTF). Fashion disciplines will unite to oppose violence against women through a series of creative activities over 16 days, starting with Social Media Takeover Day.

The Orange Label Project was initiated by Professor Frances Corner, Pro Vice-Chancellor Digital and Head of London College of Fashion with the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women, involving work across London College of Fashion and London College of Communication to design a campaign to engage and connect the issue of violence against women with new audiences, particularly young people. Addressing the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women (UN Trust Fund) Gala on 17 November in New York, Professor Frances Corner OBE said:

At the London College of Fashion, UAL, we believe passionately that fashion is so much more than the clothes we wear. It can be used as a force for real change. As part of this belief, we aim to use fashion to raise awareness of violence against women and girls. This global pandemic needs to be challenged. The fashion industry must be stronger in addressing violence against women. We need to use the power of fashion to inspire change.

Read the full speech on Frances Corner’s blog.

Social media takeover day: Go orange!

On 25th November 2016 we are encouraging the fashion industry to show their support by uploading an image featuring the colour orange to social media using the hashtag #OrangeLabelProject. Last year the orange campaign even turned the White House orange!


Students, staff, lecturers – Please join us in uploading an image to your social media accounts on 25th, and wear something orange at work today.

Fashion says NO to violence against women

A competition was launched over a month ago, tasking fashion students from institutions across the globe, and across different fashion disciplines, to produce a piece of work that carries the message ‘NO to violence against women’. Competition entries had to include the colour orange and exemplify and personify ‘anti-violence’, initiating thoughts and actions that lead to change.

The winner and all the shortlisted entries including films, photography, styling, journalism and illustration will be announced on the LCF news later today – watch this space!

LCC Graphic Design Students Win Logo Design Competition

The winning students at the Gala with Head of LCF Professor Frances Corner and Ligaya Salazar Director of Fashion Space Gallery

The winning students at the Gala with Head of LCF Professor Frances Corner and Ligaya Salazar Director of Fashion Space Gallery

Three MA Graphic Branding and Identity course stuydents at London College of Communication, UAL, recently won a competition to design the graphic identity of the UN Orange Label Project.  Alex Syniukov, Betty Chen and Cristina Mazzoni received a prize of £250.00 and attended the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women Gala in New York.

Initially the three students had each had their own different ideas for the project but the UNTF decided that the three proposals had something in common, and that they wanted the students to develop something together. They chose Alex’s logo, Cristina’s concept and idea, and Betty’s approach on the project.

The logo was as simple as possible. The whole theme was to save women in the world – it features a ring that you can wear as an accessory, and the idea of a circle in a square is protective. – Alex

My concept was about visibility – the fact that these women are invisible. I didn’t want to show the violence itself, I wanted to show the part where everything is transparent, where you can see through them, and where they will be themselves. Betty did the visual communication: banners, and web pages. – Cristina


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