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Timetabling on Wednesday afternoons

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02 May 2014

The Students’ Union has asked that from September 2014 the University be more rigorous about implementing its policy that Wednesday afternoons be kept free from scheduled classes.  This is to enable students to play team sports and to take part in the activities of student societies.  The policy applies to both undergraduate and postgraduate students and means that classes should not be timetabled beyond 1pm on Wednesdays.

With the support of the college Pro Vice-Chancellors, academic staff are seeking alternative days and times for classes that were previously timetabled for Wednesday afternoons.  The pressure on learning resources means that rescheduling may not be possible in every case, but students who are unable to attend classes scheduled for Wednesday afternoons will not be penalised for being absent.  In cases where students who play sports or who are engaged in other Student Union activities have timetabled classes on Wednesday afternoons, they should let their course leader know that they will be absent.

Mark Crawley
Dean of Students