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The tweet chat round-up: Why does fashion matter to the economy?

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01 May 2014

LCF’s third and final tweet chat for the launch of Professor Frances Corner’s new book, Why Fashion Matters, was on the theme of why fashion matters to the economy.

Once again, a whole host of fashion fans and thinkers joined in using the hashtag #whyfashionmatters, sharing their ideas and questions with @LCFLondon and @FCorner. More will be discussed at the Why Fashion Matters launch – you can book your place here.

Discussing why fashion matters to the economy raised some intriguing facts about fashion’s role in the UK and Global economy, and provoked interesting thoughts on how these economic systems can better amplify talent and protect workers.

Some headline facts kicked things off:

The idea of ‘value’ was key to the debates. What does it mean to buy well? What is the true value of what we wear? And is style all about fast fashion or slow fashion?

Also discussed were the different fashion economies around the world – what state are they in and what’s the future for fashion business? How does something as global and yet as local as fashion operate?

Finally, the thoughts turned to the talent coming out of LCF and how these graduates can find their place in this ever-changing and vital fashion economy.

Thank you to all those who have been involved with the #whyfashionmatters tweet chats. It was great to engage with so many passionate voices. Everyone is warmly invited to join Frances Corner for her book launch at LCF, where she will be discussing some of the online conversations offline, and exploring more of her 101 reasons why fashion matters.

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