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The Centre for Sustainable Fashion speaks out for Fashion Revolution Day

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28 April 2014

The Centre for Sustainable Fashion has been talking about the importance of a fashion system that recognises people and the planet for Fashion Revolution Day.

A year after the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory – a tragedy in which 1138 garment workers died – Fashion Revolution Day made a stand against fashion brands who are not transparent about their supply chains by asking “Who made your clothes?”. Alongside LCF and UAL students, the CSF played a vital role in calling for accountability and change.

Centre leader Dilys Williams spoke out in the Metro on the day, explaining why a sustainable fashion system is urgently needed. She told the newspaper:

The fashion industry has one of the most complicated supply chains in the world; it secures livelihoods, grows crops, applies emerging technologies, but does so with huge environmental and social costs.

Fashion Revolution Day says ‘enough is enough’. It is about standing up for the rights of the makers and designers and asks us as wearers and consumers of fashion to re-connect with and celebrate the skills and ambitions of all involved in this incredible industry.

Read the full piece online.

Dilys also spoke at Somerset House ahead of Fashion Revolution Day. The panel explored the positive steps that luxury fashion brands are making to become more socially and environmentally sustainable, whilst also asking how the sourcing of raw materials, manufacturing of luxury products and marketing of luxury services fit within the debate of ethical and sustainable practice.

Dilys was joined by Renee Cuoco of CSF at Showstudio. The pair spoke about sustianable fashion in anticipation of the day of protest alongside Lou Stoppard and entrepreneurs and designers. Watch the discussion online.

Copenhagen’s Fashion Youth Summit proved that Fashion Revolution Day looks to the new generation of talent as the future of the industry. Dilys joined the 100+ students, including LCF students, to explore new visions for the future of fashion.

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