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Textile Futures: Disaster Playground

Written by
Colin Buttimer
Published date
12 February 2014

Disaster Playground

Nelly Ben Hayoun solo show

MA Textile Futures First-Year Tutor Nelly Ben Hayoun is showcasing a first ‘pre-enactment’ of her current project Disaster Playground at MU Gallery in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Disaster Playground is a platform investigating future outer space catastrophes and the design of procedures to manage them and assess the risks. At MU she will show a first taster of the project, which it will turn into a full feature documentary shot in California in the months after.

At MU, visitors are invited to come and experience the chaos and patchwork of scriptwriting with its endless narratives and its original design of emergency procedures. You can take part in the playful Cluedo-like process and define your own storyline by compiling ‘identity objects’ provided for the occasion.

With a cutting edge approach, Ben Hayoun is questioning what the space programme could be if members of the public were to share its human condition – the dilemmas faced by scientists over discovery and decision-making under pressure. From meteor showers to extraterrestrial signals, from frogs escaping experiments on board of the ISS and worms surviving the Challenger explosion, Disaster Playground documents the edge of space fiction.

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