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Practices of Enquiry: UAL’s first exhibition of teaching


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07 November 2016

How do you teach creativity? What teaching processes lie behind nurturing and cultivating the world’s most creative minds?

For the first time, UAL will explore these themes in an exhibition of teaching: Practices of Enquiry.

Drawing on UAL students’ experience of being active producers of their own knowledge – a team of student researchers examined the teaching practice of some of UAL’s leading tutors.

“Capturing the essence of an ephemeral act like teaching is hard to do,” says UAL’s Teaching Excellence & Enhancement Co-ordinator, Catherine Smith. “By presenting teaching practice visually, our students attempt to communicate the richness of the learning experience at UAL.”

Gathering multi-media documentary evidence – Practices of Enquiry showcases a series of installations that attempt to visualize teaching practice, whilst provoking reflection on the process of teaching in the arts. By working with students and harnessing their cross-disciplinary expertise, the intention is to share and enhance teaching practice for creative subjects.

Leading tutors from across UAL are running workshops in the exhibition space, on topics as diverse as ‘iPhone Filmmaking’, ‘Performative Lectures’ and ‘Observational Research Methods’.

Events include:
Troublesome knowledge in 3D: a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshop:
This interactive workshop will see participants use 3D modelling as a way to explore how the conditions we create can affect students’ engagement with troublesome knowledge, practice or understandings. It will also useful to anyone interested in new ways of engaging students in difficult and complex subject material.
Shooting from the Hip: an iPhone filmmaking workshop
A research tool, a camera, an edit suite, a screening room and a broadcast network. This session explores the pedagogy of your phone as a democratising, ice-breaking, fun-inducing, filmmaking super-computer. Discover the production suite in your pocket.
Fluid Lines and Moving Marks: a Dance Drawing Workshop
This interactive workshop session will encourage participants to engage, through drawing, with the performing body and the space it occupies.


Monday 14 – Friday 18 November, 10am – 6pm daily, Cookhouse Gallery, Chelsea College of Arts.
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