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New ‘Digital Think Tank’ Showcases CSM Innovation for Business Design

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Published date 20 September 2016

Today sees the launch of The Cross+ng; a new ‘digital think tank’ produced by the Design Lab at Central Saint Martins, UAL.

To make the most of the latest creative and youthful design thinking coming out of the world-renowned college for art and design, The Cross+ng will provide digital content to explore the latest ‘freshly picked themes’ and offer a ‘tailored boutique service’. Both these services will give businesses the chance to future-gaze and look at alternative ways to help their brands get ahead.

Starting with the latest design and creative thinking from leading emerging graduates, The Cross+ng can help business look at how design can answer some of the big questions:

Can we use biotechnology to make sustainable clothing instead of using animal skin?

Pure Human project by Tina Gorjanc, MA Material Futures Graduate 2016

Tina Gorjanc’s Pure Human project explores the use of in-lab grown biotechnology for luxury materials and the implications that has for ethics and industry.

Original vs replica – what will food look like in the future & how can we make it sustainable? 

Hanan Alkouh’s ‘Sea-Meat Seaweed’ considers sustainable food production for a post-meat world that preserves the theatre and traditional food appearance.

Available to businesses worldwide, The Cross+ng provides the digital portal to access the freshest research, innovation and creativity from Central Saint Martins so that it can be applied to tried and tested product design.

Yann Mathias, Director of The Design Laboratory said:

“Brands are constantly on the lookout for insights to grow their brands into the future. The Cross+ng bridges the gap between research, innovation and creativity and tried and tested product design. It is the destination for clients looking for inspiration and the freshest ideas.”

From insights into the latest trends to tailored workshops for business and brands, head to: