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Mikela Henry-Lowe introduces her work -one of the most popular videos from the Summer Shows 2016

Mudslinging Trump, mutant Barbie, and feminist fashion photography – video highlights from the UAL summer shows 2016

Written by Anna Castleton
Published date 03 August 2016

Shireen Liane, CSM, UAL Summer Shows most popular videos
From mudslinging Trump politics, mutant Barbies, and forgotten fashion kings, to giant insects and life-size drawings, nothing was off the table at UAL Summer Shows 2016.

The Class of 2016 tackle contemporary issues ranging across the decline of political discourse to the divisive rhetoric around migrants and beyond, alongside the most exciting new thinking in design, innovative communication, phenomenal contemporary creative practice, and profoundly personal projects.

Below we round-up the six most popular videos from the season so far, see the full playlist on YouTube.

  1. 3D mutant Barbie drawing
    Mutilated discount store Barbie dolls form drawing graduate Anna Ypsilopati’s enormous, skeletal-form 3D drawings at Camberwell College of Arts, UAL – but for her the real fascination is hearing the wild visions visitors see in her work, from squid, to dinosaurs, to tentacles.
    Visit BA (Hons) Drawing

2. Celebrating black beauty
A series of paintings by Mikela Henry-Lowe at Central Saint Martins, UAL “celebrating black culture and showing black beauty” caught the eye of the Black Blossoms exhibition curators’ and are already on show in Central London. You saw her here first.
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3. Identity, obsession, and finding yourself
Looking unflinchingly at the awkward and disorientating moments in life, Chelsea College of Arts, UAL design grad Sakaya Dew says: “I try and focus on these moments that are about unsettlement, but actually they’re the times when you probably find yourself’ the most.” Her humorous designs reassure visitors “about being okay with being obsessed.”
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4. Feminist fashion photography in the wilds of Iceland
Featuring striking figures amid the snowy landscapes and primal rock forms of Iceland, Katrin Olafsdottir’s photography at London College of Communication, UAL tries to “find a new way of looking at women.” A fresh vision behind the lens.
Visit BA (Hons) Photography

5. Live fashion illustration
Watch as artist Christy McCormick’s fashion illustration emerges in pencil, paint and ink at the live drawing room at London College of Fashion, UAL’s Shoreditch exhibition. Hypnotic viewing.
Visit BA (Hons) Fashion Illustration

6.  The creative fusing art, medicine, fashion and architecture
“Imagine if a rocket scientist, a dancer, a chef, a musician and a chemist all come together on a project in one of these labs…” Meet award-winning American artist Yussef Agbo-Ola at Wimbledon College of Arts, UAL as he shares an insight into his radical experimental, collaborative cross-disciplinary work which bridges everything from designer shoes to healing innovations and architectural pavilions.
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