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LCF MA14 Graduate Spotlight: David McGovern

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28 January 2014
Things Find You: Silvia by David McGovern

Things Find You: Silvia by David McGovern

David McGovern studied MA Fashion Media Production and is from Ireland.

What inspires you?

The celebration of very everyday moments inspires me. Films, plays, short stories or songs that engage with the commonplace with a fresh perspective are fascinating to me. In making films you need to think about every nuance of a character and a place, so I find it so inspirational coming across art works that offer a new way to engage with our everyday lives. Miranda July, Murakami and Erwin Wurm all do this so well.

What are your future plans?

Currently making a few films within the fashion industry – somewhere between educational and artistic. I wish to continue developing fashion films that have a strong sense of narrative, either on an editorial or commercial basis. MA Fashion Media Production has allowed me to further develop skills to see projects from inception to post-production, so I feel working with a creative agency would be a good fit. I will stay in London as the industry here is so vibrant at the moment.

What advice would you give someone wanting to study at postgraduate at LCF?

Success in a post graduate course at LCF is largely based on your personal development. You have to explore your interests and strengths and use this as a basis for everything you do. The lack of specific project briefs worried me at the beginning, but it proved to be a real strength of studying at LCF. Once you have identified your perspective and direction of your work, you can step into the industry confident of what you want to achieve.

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