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Important Announcement: UAL website (and all IT services) will be unavailable Saturday 15 March

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11 March 2014

This message is circulated on behalf of the Estates Department and IT Services.

We are very sorry to have to announce that to enable essential maintenance and upgrade works to the electrical infrastructure at LCC it is necessary for incoming power to the tower block to be isolated early on the morning of Saturday 15 March.

To accommodate the electrical work, IT services are being powered down from 5pm on Friday 14 March. Please ensure that all work has been saved and that you have logged off your workstation before this time.

Power will be turned off at LCC at 8am on Saturday 15 March and it is planned to be reinstated at Saturday lunchtime, following which IT engineers will begin to power up the core IT Infrastructure.  Assuming there are no unexpected complications, core service restoration work is expected to be completed by Saturday evening.

Unfortunately, the LCC tower block contains core IT infrastructure that provides IT services across the whole University.  IT Services will have engineers on standby on Saturday 15 to ensure that services are resumed as quickly as possible after power is returned.

During this period core IT services across the UAL network will not be available including:

  • Internet access
  • Email
  • The University’s Public website will be unavailable internally and externally
  • MyArts and the Intranet
  • Remote server access
  • Telephones
  • File and print services
  • Business Applications

Business Applications

If you require further information about which Business Applications will be affected please contact IT.


The Digital Team will be putting up an announcement on the UAL website homepage and College homepages from today for the rest of the week to ensure that we catch as many people as possible who may be using the website over the weekend.

Due to the nature of the power outage it will not be possible to put up a holding message while the website is down so the website will just show up as not found. We are aware that this coincides with the Postgraduate Scholarships Campaign so all efforts will be made by IT engineers to bring the website up as soon as possible after the outage.