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Green Week 2014 at UAL

Written by Anna Castleton
Published date 07 February 2014

This month UAL joins the nationwide higher education People and Planet Green Week to shine a spotlight on the most pressing environmental issues, provoke debate and explore positive action. With activities centering around the themes of waste and recycling, 2014′s Green Week runs 10-14 February, with scores of events running at each College, from beekeeping to Dr Bike, planting to screenings, and walks to storytelling. To explore all the events search ‘Green Week 2014’ on the UAL events listings. During the week search  #UALGreenWeek on social media and use the hashtag to share your involvement.

Highlights for this year include:

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Gardening from Seed to Dress
11 February, 10am, LCF’s Mare Street Community Garden
Gardening to learn about ‘seed to dress’ at Mare Street and learn how to make a plastic bottle greenhouse. Read more

Figurative recycled structures
Monday 10 and Thursday 13 February, 9am-5pm Camberwell

London-based artist Michelle Reader reuses waste materials to create unique figurative recycled sculptures. She has been working with recycled materials since 1997, and also has a background in design for performance. Her sculptures sometimes have mechanical elements, using the working parts of old toys, clocks or other objects.
The Mindful Yurt
Blueprint Cafe, High Holborn
Students, staff and visitors at High Holborn are welcome and encouraged to use the Mindful Yurt as a space to read, contemplate, meditate or even sleep, as well as find out more about LCF’s Centre for Sustainable Fashion. Read more

The Man in the White Suit 

Thursday 13 February, 6pm, LVMH lecture theatre E003
Screening of the 1951 Ealing Comedy Man in the White Suit followed by a panel discussion considering the conflicts that arise as a consequence of dematerialisation.The Man in the White Suit stars Alec Guinness as a brilliant young research scientist working in the textile mills of Manchester who develops what appears to be an everlasting fibre. Both Mill owners and trade unions realise the consequence of his invention; once consumers have purchased enough cloth, demand will drop precipitously and put the textile industry out of business.

CSM gift project workshop and competition
Monday 10, Tuesday 12, 12-2pm and Friday 14 February 3pm Monday 10 and Tuesday 11 February
In lime green structure in the Street Monday – Tuesday. In yellow structure in the Street Friday.
Laurence Liu will be in the Street to explain his project for a CSM gift. You are invited to take a vacuum pack bag and collect a variety of found materials that would otherwise have been thrown out as scrap. Compose your designs carefully and then bring back to Laurence for vacuum forming. There will be a prize giving to the designer of the best gift by Jeremy Till in the Street at 3pm on Friday.

Recycling/upcycling buffer zone exhibition and workshop
Friday 14 February 11am, CSM, in the yellow structure
In light of the University’s commitment to green issues there seems to be a discrepancy between the policy and its implementation on the ground. Moreover, students are prohibited from sourcing and recycling materials destined for the skip. Not only that students have to source materials elsewhere and deliver them to the school but also that cash-strapped students are not allowed to make use of the resources already on site to be skipped rather than reused.

Jana Valencic will be hosting a panel discussion of her proposal for a “recycling/upcycling buffer zone” to intercept waste material for reuse before it is skipped. The panel will be composed of various stake holders, including students, Estates, the Council, the Student Union, and CSM administration to discuss the logistics of such an enterprise.

Design for Social Impact lecture

Tuesday 11 February 15.00 – 16.30
Design for Social Impact lecture by Nat Hunter and Sevra Davis of The RSA. A talk on social design and responsibility, its rise over the last decade and why it is an essential strategy for the future.

Survival Debate

Wednesday 12 February 14.30 – 17.30
Survival Debate bringing together a range of activists and communicators to discuss the role of the media in campaigning for social change and environmental awareness. Speakers include Stephen Corry (Survival International), Dr Bob Bloomfield OBE (Bio-Diverse), Antrim Caskey (Photographer and activist), Peter Cusack (LCC Sound Arts and CRiSAP), Richard Hawkins (PIRC), Ciril Jazbec (Photographer), The event will be followed by the Private View of environmental photography exhibition ‘Survive’.

survival debate Image: James Morgan

World-Changing Creativity debate
Friday 14 February 1o-11am
World-Changing Creativity debate with John Mathers (Design Council) and Chrissy Levett (Creative Conscience Awards). Industry and academia are invited to join the discusion on the closing day of Green Week, which will debate the importance of a ‘creative conscience’ and the vital role that responsible communicators hold. The lecture will explore the fundamental relationship between nature and business, communication design and the ecosystem.

MeetTheTide is a platform for students to engage in sustainable art and design. The platform was designed by students and runs monthly design competition around sustainability, with a judging panel of top industry experts. By using the website students can also see their own carbon budget, which gives them their share of UAL’s total carbon output. This month’s brief is centred on waste and recycling, and has been designed by the team at Keep Britain Tidy, who hope to use the winning design in one of their national campaigns on recycling. Go to to find out more and enter.

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