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Class of 2014: Bianca Guthrie

Published date
30 Jun 2014

Images from FdA Fashion Styling and Photography student Bianca Guthrie
Images from FdA Fashion Styling and Photography student Bianca Guthrie

As our BA14 season comes to a close we look at the final students from across our undergraduate courses who will be graduating this summer as part of our Class of 2014 series. Today we speak to FdA Fashion: Styling and Photography (now BA (Hons) Fashion: Styling and Photography Top-Up) student Bianca Guthrie about her LCF experiences and future plans.

LCF: What have you enjoyed most about studying at LCF?
Bianca Guthrie: The opportunities. The experience. I have listened to and learnt from a great number of industry speakers and lecturers and this has been of great help in terms of understanding my aesthetic and my collaborative choices. I know that LCF will always be a part of me, and I will miss ‘recouping’ and being inspired by such a wonderful place to study.

LCF: Have you won any prizes / been in the media / undertaken work experience?
BG: I have an on-going work placement with a Fashion Director and also a Senior Freelance Stylist. These two placements offered me a lot of free time to undertake my studies and to pursue other work opportunities. I have been published in numerous magazines, including international publications. I am also the Head of Womenswear for a start-up magazine created by fellow LCF students in 2013. Also my work was selected for the BA14 Design Exhibition which was an incredible opportunity.

LCF: What inspires you?
BG: Any creative individual throughout history who fully understands their craft – and therefore learns how to create ‘magic’.

LCF: What is most important to you about fashion?
BG: It is about understanding the components that make up its mass structure. The historical, cultural, political and societal factors that feed the ‘fashion machine’ are far more intriguing. I find ‘fashion’ to be a synthesis of what the world is, sees, and needs. As a fashion stylist, I do not want to be a product of fashion – rather fashion will have to be defined by me.

LCF: How would you sum up your final project?
BG: I explored the idea of ‘black eccentricity’ and its significance in society by considering factors such as culture, representation, and politics. I re-edited collaborative work using a variety of mediums, including collage and illustration. It provided an opportunity to truly reflect on my previous styling work and then add further elements of myself that I felt had been put aside. The project was a risk and an experiment.

LCF: What are your plans for the future? And how do you feel your course will help you?
BG: I would like to be an established fashion stylist, and then hopefully move on to creative direction once I build on my experience and relationships within the industry. Becoming a LCF Alumni will provide me with the support I need in so many ways. I have also gained an industry mentor through the LCF Careers scheme, and this will continue for as long as necessary.

LCF: What advice would you give someone wanting to study for a BA at LCF?
BG: Always prepare yourself. Attend the summer schools before/while you apply, as it can be helpful in terms of what the courses offer, the support that is available, and most importantly – exploring ‘art’ and where you may ‘fit in’.
Never leave your work until the last minute or overload yourself unnecessarily. This is a time to learn how to be organised and to create a sense of balance in your hectic uni life. This is all to achieve the best possible outcome – minus the stress. Also, it may be hard, but try your best to get on with others – teamwork is the key especially if you share a similar aesthetic and work well together. Remember, there is a good chance that you will be working together within the industry later on, so always network.

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