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Chelsea BA Textile students participate in major fashion exhibition: Made In Mexico: The Rebozo in art, culture & fashion

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19 February 2014

Frida Kahlo with Rebozo
Toni Frissell, 1937
Part of a series published in US Vogue
Photograph © The Frissell Collection, Library of Congress

We are very proud of our BA Textile design students at Chelsea, who are always impressing us with their activities and involvement in the fashion and textile industry. We were delighted to find out that our students have recently been involved in the fantastic, ‘Made in Mexio:  The Rebozo in art, culture and fashion exhibition on show at The Fashion and Textile museum  in London.

The show is about the Rebozo which is the classic Mexican Shawl woven in Mexico from 17th century to the present day.  The Rebozo made famous in the 2oth Century by artist Frieda Kahlo has been appropriated by revolutionaries, artists and collectors who have helped to shape the garment into a symbol of Mexican culture and identity that it is today.

This exciting new exhibition ‘Made in Mexio’  at the Vibrant Fashion and Textiles museum in Bermonsey, highlights the art of the Rebozo as well as exploring the key role textiles have played in promoting Mexican culture . The exhibition explores the history of Mexican textiles: it includes studies of key personalities associated with the Rebozo. You will be able to see major pieces on loan from The Franz Mayer Museum, Mexio city,  The museum of Textiles: Oaxaca and, Rebozos from private collections that have never been shown in public before.  Contemporary Mexican and UK artists will also show new work created specially for the show in response to The Ribozo and Mexican textiles including, Francisco Toledo, Graciela Iturbide, Carla Fernandez and Zandra Rhodes.

Part of the learning programme for the exhibition is a cultural exchange programme between University of the Arts London and Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico. Students from both institutions have produced work inspired by the Rebozo.  A selection of the students work will be on display as part of the made in Mexico exhibition, and later this year two students from Chelsea have been selected to travel to Mexico, whilst the two students selected from Universidad Iberoamericana will come to the University of the Arts London.  This is a fantastic opportunity and we are thrilled that our Chelsea students have been selected to participate.

A massive congratulations go to our Chelsea textile students Rose Danford-Philips and  Yixi Cai who have been selected for this exciting exchange.  Our thanks also go out to Caryn Simonson course director of BA Textile design at Chelsea who has led the course work for the project, as well as working with the exhibition guest curator Hilary Simon.

The exhibition will run from 6th June- 30th August, we hope you can make it to show your support.