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Back to School

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14 January 2014


'Ze-bus crossing' by me, Kamini Rao

‘Ze-bus crossing’ by me, Kamini Rao

I trust the new students have settled in and have slowly acquired a travel routine to Chelsea. As exciting as the tube is for mindless people-watching (especially during the holidays), I encourage you to break out of your comfort zone and experiment with different modes of transport.

If you are stuck for ideas or just need some creative inspiration, get up and get out! Get down to street level, bike or walk to Uni. Don’t forget to play human dodgems at rush hour, the faster you walk, the more exciting the game. Have you ever noticed the blue highway straight to our doorstep? And the conveniently placed Boris bike stand next door? This way, you get to weave through the quaint streets of Pimlico, you wouldn’t otherwise have known about. Don’t forget your helmet and feel virtuous on arrival. No need for that trip to the gym.

For the sceptical students who rather not brave the unpredictable English weather, get yourselves on a boat! Unless you’re from Venice, how often do you get to curse about missing the boat to school?! Cruise by London’s famous landmarks or go Tate hopping with a Chelsea student discount!

Last but not least, jump on the drool worthy 24, the updated Routemaster designed by Thomas Heatherwick, who also holds an honorary doctorate from our University awarded last summer! I’m going to leave you with his adorable keynote speech at graduation and don’t forget to be a creative commuter!

Post by Guest Blogger Kamini Rao, BA Interior & Spatial Design, Chelsea college of arts.