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Assessment Feedback Turnaround Time

Written by
Anna Castleton
Published date
23 January 2014

UAL has recently launched a new policy on assessment feedback time in response to the QAA review and student feedback on the importance of timely feedback. The policy states that the University aims to give written feedback on summative assessment within 3 weeks of the submission date, with a maximum turnaround of 4 weeks, except in the case of dissertations, where feedback will be returned within a maximum of 6 weeks to allow more time for marking. For the full policy, go to the Assessment website.

This policy is part of a wider programme of projects UAL is running which are working towards improving the assessment experience for staff and students. To find out more, view the blog and subscribe for updates.

From January 2014, Academic Registry will coordinate the measurement of feedback turnaround times, requiring course teams to provide dates such as the submission and feedback dates. The purpose of measuring feedback times is:

• to understand how many of our students are getting their feedback within 3 weeks
• to understand why course teams might have difficulties meeting the policy and what barriers stand in the way of providing feedback within 3 weeks

This information is vital to understand the experiences of staff and students around assessment feedback. It will be used as part of the Assessment Process and Platforms Programme to better develop systems to support assessment (as we will have a clearer picture of assessment peak times) and help us to improve the assessment processes which might slow down feedback times.

During the year, colleges are being asked to review their feedback times and speak to course teams so they can understand more clearly what barriers exist around providing feedback within 3 weeks to better inform the next steps around improving assessment processes and platforms.

Deans will be reviewing the information during 2013/14 and reporting to college committees (primarily the Quality and Learning and Teaching Enhancement Committees) and to ASQC.