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Anxious Places symposium programme

Written by Rachel Jillions
Published date 30 May 2014

Anxious places symposium

Image credit: Shona Illingworth, 216 Westbound, working Image, 2013 © Illingworth

Anxious Places: Angst, environments and affective contamination

Commentators claim that contemporary culture is dominated by anxiety. From individual uncertainties to global economic, social and political insecurities, anxiety pervades our lives and affects our interactions with people and places. Anxious Places examines the ways in which anxiety ‘contaminates’ urban, social, and natural environments and asks how histories are implicated in making it a cultural script. Artists and scholars
discuss contemporary angst from a range of cross-disciplinary perspectives and artistic mediums.

Speakers: Jill Bennett, Frank Furedi, Avery Gordon, Andrew Hoskins, Shona Illingworth, Uriel Orlow, Jeremy Till, David Toop, and John Tulloch

Organised by Dr Caterina Albano

The symposum is part of UAL collaboration to the London Festival of Anxiety and Mental Health.

Anxious Places programme 6.14 (PDF 184KB)

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