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Creativity knows no boundaries

Creative Unions is a UAL initiative born out of Central Saint Martins. The UK’s future depends on being a place where creative people come together, a place where they can share ideas to shape the world around them and improve lives.

The individuals and organisations that join this movement believe in the value of creativity beyond borders, a creativity that can only truly thrive across geographical, social and disciplinary boundaries.

UAL has forged #CreativeUnions with the leading voices at some of the world's most renowned creative powerhouses - from National Theatre to BFI and Tate Modern to VICE. Watch their videos below to find out what creativity means to them and why borderless collaboration is vital.

Want to get involved? Join the conversation with #CreativeUnions on social. You can also make your mark and speak your mind with a Creative Unions pack, featuring posters designed by Villalba Lawson (and ready to customise) and even a bespoke typeface.

Central Saint Martins, UAL

Jeremy Till, Head of Central Saint Martins, UAL: ''Creativity by both necessity and inclination has to operate across borders.''

Royal Opera House

Alex Beard, CEO of Royal Opera House: ''Creativity is absolutely fundamental to being human.''

Design Week

Tom Banks, Editor of Design Week: ''The more voices you bring to something, the more perspectives you can have.''

Creative Industries Federation

John Kampfner, CEO of Creative Industries Federation: ''Creativity is on every street corner. It's Britain's calling card, it's what makes our towns and cities so great.''

Sadler's Wells

Alistair Spalding, Artistic Director and Chief Executive of Sadler's Wells: ''The idea that you can put creativity back in a box of a single country - particularly in dance - just doesn't make sense.''

British Film Institute

Amanda Nevill, CEO of British Film Institute: ''Creativity is the spark within all of us which drives everything forward.''

British Fashion Council

Caroline Rush, CEO of British Fashion Council: ''Creativity is absolutely essential - not only to the fashion industry - but to everybody on earth.''


Shane Smith, CEO and Founder of VICE: ''If we try to constrict, rather than open up, we miss out on all the beautiful cultural that enrich our lives and challenge us to think differently.''

National Theatre

Rufus Norris, Director of the National Theatre: ''Britain has always had a reputation for our creativity, our imagination, our creative industries - a lot of that comes from the fact we have had porous borders.''


Frances Morris, Director of Tate Modern: ''I can't think of many great artists in the past 100 years whose greatness has not derived from the fact they have transgressed borders.'

Creative Review

Patrick Burgoyne, Editor of Creative Review: ''Creativity is at the heart of any thriving, growing culture. Without new ideas, without renewal of some sort, culture doesn't move forward.''

The Sorrell Foundation & UAL

Sir John Sorrell, Founder of The Sorrell Foundation and Chairman of UAL: ''Without imagination, without creativity, nothing changes. Nothing gets better. So creative value is central to the world moving on.''

Freelance journalist - Vogue, New York Times, Sunday Times Style

Jessica Bumpus, freelance fashion journalist: ''I don't think there is any geography to creativity, it should be able to manifest itself wherever and we should not prevent that.''


Nigel Carrington, Vice-Chancellor of UAL: ''“Creative Unions is a way of saying we think it’s absolutely essential that the key values that drive our culture, and indeed our economic progress, are respected, treasured and promoted. It’s imperative that creativity operates across borders.'

Why do we need #CreativeUnions?

Leaders of some of the world's leading arts organisations explain why we need #CreativeUnions

What is the value of creativity?

It's Britain's calling card. Without it, nothing changes. It improves lives. It teaches us there are always options. It's the sense that we are alive. Without it we are not humans.