Tom Howse - Artist

Tom Howse - Gummy Love

Tom Howse graduated from Wimbledon's BA Fine Art Painting course, and now has his own studio as well as working freelance.

What have you been up to since graduating from BA Fine Art Painting at Wimbledon?

I got a studio soon after leaving Wimbledon and was lucky enough to be in some good shows, which has kept me busy.

And what are you working on now?

It's hard to say what my current occupation is as I don't really have a job. Sometimes I'm a gardener, sometimes I work in galleries but I spend most of my time painting in the studio, which is nice.

How did studying at Wimbledon help prepare you for your career?

That's hard to say too, because I didn't have any expectations of getting a job after graduation. People don't employ artists. It prepared me for the art world I guess, I got an understanding of galleries and exhibitions, but the main focus of the course for me was making work and discussing it with other students and tutors. That's what the course was for me and, in my opinion, it did a wonderful job of it.

What's studying at Wimbledon like?

Fantastic. The location is calm and relaxing, it's a very peaceful place, and I found the atmosphere was great for making work.

What skills did you learn from the College's tutors and technicians?

All of the staff are great, throughout my time there I had involvement with members of staff from every department, and they are all a wealth of expertise. The visiting lecturer and artist talks were a really useful resource too, hearing a range of different interpretations on your work can really benefit your practice.

Do you have a favourite memory from Wimbledon?

I can think of countless happy memories at Wimbledon, but I think actually painting in my final year stands out the most. I think for me that was when I really started to get excited by my work, maybe this was combined with the anticipation of our degree show and the excitement of going out into the real world after graduation and considering the future of my practice.

Any advice for the next generation of Wimbledon students?

Make the most of it, it's an amazing college, I feel privileged that I ended up at Wimbledon, it gave me all the guidance I needed, it drove me to do my best, it helped me explore my practice, the list goes on.