Sam Knowles - Artist

Sam Knowles - On the Nature of the Universe

Sam Knowles graduated from Wimbledon's BA Fine Art Painting course and is now a practising artist living in London.

What have you been up to since graduating from BA Fine Art Painting at Wimbledon?

I was lucky enough to be involved in a few good graduate exhibitions, which enabled me to set myself up in a studio during my studies and start trying to build my artistic practice outside of the course. I'm currently a practising artist living and working in London.

How did studying at Wimbledon prepare you for your career?

Wimbledon was very good at setting up workshops to teach us some of the more professional aspects of being a practising artist: from setting up your own website and preparing artist statements to practical information on becoming self-employed. When I've met other artists who didn't attend Wimbledon, I'm always surprised at the lack of this kind of information they were given on their courses.

What's studying at Wimbledon like?

I enjoyed the feeling of community at Wimbledon greatly. The College is small enough so you can be involved in all of the other courses and meet and get to know a lot of the other year groups. No student bar when I was there unfortunately, though the Leather Bottle pub down the road worked just as nicely!

What skills did you learn from the College's tutors and technicians?

I found crits and tutorials the most useful part of my time at Wimbledon; the high interaction time with the tutors was part of the reason I applied to the College in the first place. This interaction was key for my development in being able to take a more critical approach to art production.

Do you have a favourite memory from Wimbledon?

Too many fun moments to choose from, but the Christmas parties were particularly memorable!

Any advice for the next generation of Wimbledon students?

  • Work hard and make the most out of your time with the tutors and technicians
  • Take time to learn new skills as it gets harder to find time when balancing an art practice outside of university