BA Costume for Theatre & Screen Staff

7734 by Jasmin Vardimon Company. Costume design Abigail Hammond.
7734 by Jasmin Vardimon Company. Costume design Abigail Hammond.

Abigail Hammond - Costume Design

Abigail Hammond has worked as a professional designer for over 25 years, creating costumes for fringe, community and West End shows. Her specialism is costume design in contemporary dance and she currently collaborates with the Jasmin Vardimon Company. Hammond's sharing and teaching of her skills, as well as her passion for costume and performance, have always run parallel to her design practice.

Elizabeth Dawson - Costume Interpretation

Elizabeth Dawson has a specialist background in dress history, and extensive experience of working in theatre, film and television. She has worked as a researcher on many period films including Elizabeth: The Golden Age and The Duchess.

Visiting Staff

  • Sean Barratt - Milliner
  • Linda Cooley - Wig maker
  • Charlotte Dewar - Beading tutor
  • Kerry Goodrich - Tailor
  • Amanda Hall - Corset maker
  • Naomi Isaacs - Ladies cutting tutor
  • Kate O'Farrell - Drawing tutor
  • Rachael Pashley - Tailor
  • Claire Porter - Cutting tutor
  • Lea Anderson – Choreographer
  • Linda Cooley - Wig maker
  • Pat Cumper - Director / writer 
  • Javier de Frutos - Choreographer 
  • Sarah Grundy – Milliner
  • Jacqueline Gunn – Designer
  • Amanda Hall - Corset maker
  • Rebecca Hurst – Designer
  • Kate O'Farrell - Drawing tutor
  • Geraldine Pilgrim – Director
  • Simon Vincezi - Artist

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