Stephen Maddison - BA Technical Arts & Special Effects

Stephen Maddison is a first year BA Technical Arts and Special Effects student at Wimbledon College of Arts.

What year are you in and where are you from?

I'm in my first year and I'm from Bexleyheath, England.

Why did you choose to study at Wimbledon College of Arts?

I chose Wimbledon as I found the staff very helpful and friendly on the open day. The course appealed to me and the College has a large and varied selection of facilities to use.

What's your favourite thing about the college? 

The opportunities it provides for its students. The college has so many different links and contacts with outside parties, which means there's always something going on and so many opportunities for you to get involved. 

How would you describe your course?

The Technical Arts and Special Effects course is aimed at students keen on making props in the film and theatre industry. 

What's been the most interesting project you've worked on here?

The puppet project was my favourite by far. We had to work in groups to create a puppet that could perform on a set designed in collaboration with students from the BA Set Design for Screen course.

And what's been your greatest achievement so far?

Successfully creating a working puppet for our puppet project, as I've never attempted anything to do with movement within my work before.

How much work experience have you done during your studies?

I haven't done any yet, though I've been in contact with Special Effects Artist Mark Holt, who's invited me to join him on the set of two films he'll be working on this year.

What are your plans for when you graduate?

I hope to go into the film industry and continue to learn about material manipulation and all the other techniques they use.

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