Paul Tarrago - BA Fine Art: Print & Time-Based Media Associate Lecturer

Paul Tarrago.
Paul Tarrago.

Paul Tarrago is an artist filmmaker working in both video and celluloid.

Tarrago’s work is a mix of underground experimentation and meta-fiction, tugging at the leash of film language, but with narrative often held close at hand.

A formative influence on Tarrago’s DIY approach comes from his experiences between 1993-2006. During this time he was a core member of Exploding Cinema. This collective of artists was dedicated to originating alternative methods of exhibition for low-budget artists' film, video and related performances.

Tarrago’s work has shown widely on the film festival circuit including International Film Festival (Rotterdam, Netherlands), New York Underground Film Festival (USA), European Media Art Festival and National Review of Live Art. He has also shown work at Brooklyn Museum of Art (New York, USA) and Institute of Contemporary Arts (London).

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