Audio Visual Department

Wimbledon’s audio visual department consists of a wide range of photography, film and video facilities and an equipment loan store.

Wimbledon audio visual facilities: 

  • Analogue room for 8 and 16 mm film with filming, editing, display and transfer facilities
  • Animation suite with 2D, 3D and stop frame facilities
  • Dark room facilities for developing black and white films and photographs
  • Film and video studio 
  • Green screen facilities
  • Professional lighting rigs
  • Professional photographic studio with lighting rig and backdrops
  • Professional sound studio

Equipment all students can borrow from our audio visual loan store:

  • Amps
  • Camera tracking
  • Digital data projectors (including HD projectors)
  • Microphones
  • Mixing desks
  • Pico pocket projects
  • Sound equipment
  • Speakers
  • Steady cam
  • Still DSLR cameras
  • Tripods
  • Video cameras (standard definition and high definition)
  • Voice recorders
  • 8 and 16 mm analogue film cameras
  • 35 mm, medium format and large format film cameras
Photography studio.
Photography studio.
Photography studio.
Photography studio.
Photography darkroom.
Photography darkroom.
Green screen facility.
Green screen facility.